Who chooses nationwide heating for boiler cover

We look after all central heating systems, operating in homes owned or managed by a landlord and occupied by a Tennent. Our customers range from single occupants to young couples and families to the elderly.

Some of the reasons the customers choose us

  • We offer one fixed price (£10.08 a month) this price will never change regardless of how many times you need an engineer.
  • We don’t charge excess on repairs
  • `we cover any age boiler
  • we our available 24/7
  • we operate a rapid response to emergency’s
  • we are not an insurance company so you’re not delayed by under writers or lengthy paperwork
  • if we can’t repair your boiler we will install a new boiler at a fixed rate for an engineer per day making the cost of the install very cheap in comparison to any other like for like quote

Why hundreds of customers switch to us.
We provide instant cover when you switch to us, so that there’s no gap in your cover.

Permeant fixed price
Boiler Insurance and other home cover companies will normally charge a very cheap price in the first year then after that there price will shoot up.

Frequently asked questions

What are our opening hours?:

Customer service: 9am to 5pm. Claims: 8am till 10pm 7 days a week.

Can I sign up today but choose a future date for my cover to start?:

Yes, during the check out process you will have the option to choose what date you want your cover to start. Your first payment will come out on the last day of the month of which you choose to start your cover or on the 1st of the following month. This will be followed by a further 23 payments taken on the same day of each month as your initial payment.

Is your call centre UK based?:

Yes, our head office is in the UK.

If I sign up today how soon will my cover start?:

Your cover will start 14 days from your sign up date – this is to prevent customers from claiming for pre-existing faults; however, you may still call and try to claim and we may just rectify the issue.

I’m interested in signing up can I speak to someone over the phone?:

Of course, we are available on 07983112678 from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday. Please call so that we can discuss how we can help you!

Are repairs carried out by your own engineers?:

Absolutely! Our engineers go through a long vetting process to make sure they are experts in their field and have first class customer service. We allocate a local region to each engineer so that if you have a repair it will most likely be the same engineer who did your yearly servicing who comes to fix your repair. This ensures your property is familiar to our engineer and that you see a friendly familiar face every time you need our help.

What happens once I’ve taken out my plan?:

You will receive a welcome pack in an email, which will give you all the information about your plan and how to contact us. Then just sit back and relax in you nice and warm house and don’t hesitate to call if you need us, otherwise we will contact you when your free boiler and gas appliance services are due.

Your contract with us is for 24 months just like your phone contract however, unlike other insurers your price is fixed at £10.40 regardless of claims made and even when your contract is up your price will remain the same on a rolling monthly contract. Please note that cancelling your direct debit will not terminate your contract!

Is there any excess to pay on a claim?:

Unlike other insurers you will never pay a penny of excess!

Can I pay monthly by direct debit?

Yes all are plans are paid monthly by direct debit.

Can I change my direct debit?

If you would like to discuss your direct debit or change your bank details please call us on 07983112678. Note we can not change the date the direct debit comes out.

Can I pay annually instead of direct debit?

At this time we can only accept direct debits.

How do your plans compare with other providers?

We started nationwide heating because we wanted to solve your problems as the customer, such as paying too much for central heating and boiler installations, worried in the middle of winter that your going to be hit with a big repair bill to fix your broken heating system. Paying too much for your home care and boiler insurance or to make it cheaper you have to have a big excess which defeats the point of getting insured in the first place. Being able to know and trust the company and the engineers who carry out the work on your lovely home. We believe we have solved all this and more for our customers with our plan. Any questions about how we differ from other company’s and providers please don’t hesitate to call on 07983112678 26. What are the prices for Renewal? Your price will never change as long as you are with our plan which is unique to us and no other company offers this!

Can I reduce the price of my monthly instalments by adding an excess charge?

No you can’t we aim to keep are prices very low without you needing to pay an excess, this helps us because it keeps our prices simple but it also means everyone pays one of the lowest prices in the industry without paying excess.

 Are there any discounts?

We are always running different promotions and discounts, but our prices are already highly competitive. 

What’s the difference between an emergency and urgent call out?

We will always treat loss of hot water as an urgent repair and we will treat loss of heating as a urgent repair during the winter months (September to February) we aim to attend every urgent situation no later than the next working day when suppliers are open and parts are available.

Under the terms of your agreement an emergency would be defined as a sudden and unforeseen escape of water or an uncontrollable water leak that

  1. Can not be stopped by turning of a tap.
  2. If left unattended until the next working day would cause further damage to your property.
  3. Can not be contained for at least 7 hours by putting a container under the leak.

What is the maximum value of a single item repair?

There is no limit to the value of each claim on any of our plans.

If I make a claim what are your average response times?

For an emergency repair (uncontrollable water leaks) , our average response time is 2 hours, for an urgent repair (loss of hot water or heating) our average response time is 24 hours. We try our best to fit any other repairs around your schedule. 

Do you cover or service gas fires?

Yes our plan covers your free gas fire service and repairs.

How do I change my contact details?

Just give us a call on 07983112678 or if you’d prefer just email the new details to james@nationwideheating.org

I have moved house can I change my address?

Yes of course just phone to make sure your new property can be covered and we will change the details.


After your 24 month contract, your policy will automatically renew at the same price until you choose to cancel it, please note cancelling your direct debit will not cancel your contract please phone up to speak to us.

How do I cancel my plan?

If you wish to discuss your plan including cancelling please call us on 07983112678. Please not that cancelling your direct debit will not cancel your plan. 

My boiler is very old will you still cover it?

Yes of course as long as it is powered by natural gas and has no pre-existing faults and it’s in good working order when you sign up.

Do you cover all makes and models of boilers?

Yes we cover all makes and models of boilers, as long as they are powered by natural gas.

Do you cover oil boilers?

No we don’t cover oil powered boilers.

Do you cover LPG boilers?

No we don’t but we will very soon!

Do you cover electric boilers?

No we don’t but we will be able to every soon!

What if my boiler is broken beyond repair?

We will replace the boiler for you without charging you labour and we will source the boiler and parts at a reduced rate that you could spread across 2 years with your plan.

Do you cover floor standing boilers?

Yes we cover wall hung and floor standing boilers. 

When will you service my boiler?

We carry out all free servicing between March and September, towards the anniversary of your plan start date. This ensures a fast emergency response time during the winter months. We will contact you a month before the annual boiler servicing is being carried out in your area. Please be assured that if your boiler service is over due this will not affect your cover or ability to claim.

Is the free boiler service a one off or is it free every year?

You get your boiler service every year while your signed up to a plan with us.

Would I have to have my boiler serviced before you cover it?

No providing your boiler and central heating are in working order and good condition, with no pre-exciting faults, at the time of signing up to your plan.

Do you need to service/inspect my boiler before it’s fully protected?

No by signing our agreement you are confirming that your boiler and central heating system are in good working condition with no pre-exciting faults, at the time of taking your plan. 

Do you use new manufacture approved parts?

Yes all parts are brand new and manufactured approved.

What type of properties do you cover?

We cover all domestic properties.

Do you cover commercial properties?

No not currently.

Do you cover service plans for mobile homes?

No not currently we only cover permanent domestic dwellings.

Do you cover saniflo toilets?

No we only cover standard toilets.